Stories of Angel Rescue and Help

Often related to guardian angel accounts, angel stories telling of help, or even rescue, have existed for untold eons.

One fine example of note is the Apostle Peter being rescued from prison in the Book of Acts.

Rescue and help angel stories seem to confirm the idea that all of us have benevolant spirits watching over us, guiding angels, if you will. These entities of light appear when we need them, having our best interest in mind. Angels, apparently exist with us, though sometimes hidden, as if peeking in at humanity from another plane.

"What made an angel help me?"

That is the very question many are left asking themselves after being rescued or aided by angels. During the rescue, those who were provided help from angels simply thought another, fellow man (or woman) was providing them assistance. However, there are accounts of people being helped whereby the person absolutely knew that a benevolant spirit of light was there for them in their time of need.

What's most surprising is that these angel stories of rescue and help really demonstrate that spirit beings apparently live with us, truly caring and devoted to our well-being. We can't help but wonder, "How much do they see?" "What are the limits of their power?" Good questions to try and find answers to...are they with you, now, as you read this page?