Taxi Crash Angel Rescue

A woman is mysteriously pulled out of a taxi cab after it crashed, saving her life.

from Faith

A year ago I was in an accident. I walked away from it with a fractured spine and a pelvic bone.

The strange thing about this accident is everybody who got out of it, alive, had burns on them as if something was searing them. I was the only one thrown outside of the taxi cab by the impact. I was passed out for a while; but when I came to, people were saying I flew out and backaway from the crash. My hand, the left one, was scratched like something pulled me out of the car through the window on my left side.

When I got to the hospital, they said I was speaking in English and talking a lot. I recall the lady that spoke to me said her name was "Elizabeth." She said that if she left me, I would be in pain. I am Zimbabwean; and later, after I got some pain killers, she left. The nurses told me the whole night a cat was walking around our hospital room -- by morning it was gone. Odd.

When they took my X-ray, there was a money clip on my heart. They took the X-ray twice just to be sure. In any case, I was discharged the following morning and was taken home in an ambulance, screaming. They did not have anymore pain killers because, for me, they said it would be a waste of money keeping me in the hospital.

People died that I was with in that taxi; and that night, this floating, white thing came to my home. I was awake and screaming when seeing it, and my family thought I was going mad.

I am not sure who Elizabeth was, but I healed within two weeks. I could sit, stand and walk. I still see things -- I'm not sure what. Something, or someone, always follows me. I almost died three days before my birthday. Angel, or not, she protected me from that thing that caused the accident, even when it came for me at home. 

I am still afraid of the dark because I know there is something there.