Family Angel Story

from Ozric Stoneriver
This is an angel story that's been spread in my family.  One day my cousin's mom's friend and her mother were in a basement at a local house (the mom had a friend who recently died there, so they were gonna' clean out her stuff; and the basement was the only area left).
Well, they got there and started to pack things in boxes, when the little girl (of the mother and who had been walking around to look at the now empty area) started shouting "Look mom! Look!" The mom looked up with a surprised look on her face. When she saw what the little girl was looking at, she went spooked right down to her toes.  There was a white figure standing in the middle of the room.  It was bright - it had wings! Suddenly, it raised its arm and pointed at the back door that would lead them outside.  With a weak, soft voice the angel said, "Get out! Get out, now!"

The mother and the daughter were so stoked they went, or rather ran outside to get the father to follow them back down there (I did say that house was a local house, didn't I?).  When they got back, the basement had fallen apart.  I don't know the story any further.  I am sorry, this tale has been around in my family for a very long time. To me, that angel showed up there to save them from being crushed. The family now believes there are angels watching over us.  So do I.