Dreams and Visions Angel Stories

Some angel stories tell of accounts of angels bringing messages during dreams or through visions when awake. Perhaps the state of mind during visions and dreams is one whereby angels can more easily communicate with us.

Many stories of angels seem to happen during waking hours. Maybe a strange visitor provided some aid, or even a message of hope or encouragement during the day. But spirits who visit us during sleep, during meditation, or visions have a way of getting their messages across. We should note that, many times, visions are more clear than dreams; and when a spirit being visits within a vision or meditation, it's usally easier to remember than a dream visitation.

Sometimes, dreams and visions will foretell of future events, perhaps, delivered by an angelic being - a spirit. This is compelling evidence because angel stories of dreams and visions may be confirmed if previously unknown future events come true in the present day, possibly indicating that we have the ability to "step through" to the other side of the veil and communicate with the spirits who are with us in the ether.