Near Death Experience Angel Story

This true NDE angel story was sent to our team by Valerie...

Hello my name is Valerie. I had a near death experience when I was 16 years old in a classroom I previously wrote about. I am 31 years old now and recently had another NDE in my sleep. This took place about 3 months ago. I was dreaming and I know this may sound weird, but I'm pretty sure I knew I was. I was talking to an older woman who was "stuck," she said; also a young man around the age of 19. He had died tragically and was hit on the head with something.

I think someone did this to him quite possibly, because he still had the blood on his head, and said people did it to him when he was not looking; or he thought so. He said no one knew where he was, and that his family was looking for him. I saw a cat walk by the older woman, and it saw her. I was in awe how clearly the cat saw her.

She said to me, "It's lonely here. No one to talk to. I've been here a while." but she said at least the cats did see her. She said they were lonely to a lot of the wandering homeless cats, or other animals that would come around from time to time.

While I talked to the both of them for a while, all of a sudden behind me I felt this warm bright light. I could feel it penetrating through me, if you will. I felt engulfed with warmth and love. The two ghosts, who I did not know or know how I came to talking to them (I did not fear them), wanted to talk to whoever it was behind me in order to help them, or hear what they had to say.

Both of their jaws dropped. They were facing the light while standing in front of me. They we're like, "Oh my God, It's so beautiful." Then someone was there - people...I felt them behind me...angels possibly. I sensed it, and the older woman was talking to them. She looked at me and said, "Turn into the light. They want you. They are here for you."

The ghosts continued, "It's so beautiful. If they were here for me, I would go." I said, "Why don't you. They could be here for you." Right then, I heard a woman's voice within my mind telling me and the other ghosts there, "It's OK. She is not ready. She feels she still has more work here to do, and that is fine. She could come if she wanted right now, but is not ready"

Then in front of me was a beautiful woman with brown hair. Also two others came out that looked identical; I believe they were angels. One was with me, one with the older woman, and one with the young man. The older woman was so excited, happy because she had been alone for so long. They were talking to each of us, although the older woman was saying, "Look. She's showing me how to do these cool things."

Same with the young man. I think they were explaining more to him. The angel showed me her hand. She had an identical ring as me. My husband gave it to me, and it's very special to me. I hold it very close to my heart. She said, "See, I have the same ring." She touched the little cross part on it, and her hands were so warm it almost melted it a little. She showed me how she could do those things.

She looked at me and said, "The Lord is with you and loves you always." She said now was an option for me to come home. That's why they came to the back of me. She explained how I did not have much longer left here; however long that means I'm not sure. She said the next time they came back, it'd be from the front to take me home. No option then; it would be my time. I did not feel scared in anyway or threated; it was a loving - understanding feeling.

I asked her how would I pass. She said they would find me while sleeping. That it would be an accidental OD; not sure why, as I do no serious drugs.

I do believe if I would have turned around, I would have not been able to turn was that beautiful, loving, peaceful, blissful, inviting and warm. It all felt so natural.

I had to fight from turning towards the light. I woke up kind of disappointed that I didn't go after a lot of thinking about it. When I first woke I felt so peaceful; so much love. I knew it felt so real. When I knew I was leaving or soon to wake up, the older lady was so happy. She said she had some things to do, but she wanted to go there to. She had gotten help I believe, and guidance. The young man said it wasn't his time. He had to go home and still sort out a few things.

But he looked so peaceful, happy, and at ease now, like he understood and wasn't confused anymore. He was wearing different clothes and a baseball cap. He was very happy and took off his hat to show me his head was fine now. We talked a little bit and I told him, "I can't believe this is all happening, and what took place. It feels so wonderful." He said he knew me to very happy.

We parted, although I said, "I'll see you again soon, I'm sure." He said, "Yeah. After this, I know everything will work out alright now." I also remember when the light was behind me, I did peek a little to the side. The older woman said, "If you look just a little, you won't have to turn all the way into it." They wanted me to see what they saw.

So I did look a little to the right, and I saw the most beautiful light radiating out. Birds were flying by me...white doves chirping how birds do in real life. It was so warm, and inviting. It felt like true paradise was right there. The angels eventually all motioned as if it was time to leave.

They left, and said they would be back when it was the time. I really would like to say how real it felt. Even sitting here writing, brings it back up so fresh. It's making me feel all the feelings I had, again. It puts a smile on my face, a warmth in my soul, and heart. It's hard to put it into words how beautiful and real it all felt.

I still can remember this experience and other dreams like this so perfectly. That is how I know they are real spiritual visits; or in this case I believe an option. Since then, I have been having dreams of lost spirits, friendly ones. I don't know them; that's the trippy part. But I think god is using me as a tool since I'm not afraid to talk to them.

As I stated to the older woman in the dream, "I used to be afraid to be open to this or talk." She told me they would try to find open people to communicate with, but often they would sense them being frightened; so they would back off, not wanting to scare someone. It would make the ghosts feel awkward and even a little scared, as well.

Maybe this is why I was meant to stay here a little longer: to help lost spirits get home. I mean for god to use me as a tool I credit it all to the higher powers. It is all such an amazing thing. I feel very blessed, and happy within my life right now. I love the belief that I am helping some lost souls understand, or bringing guidance to them as a tool through god's loving grace.

It's all just so amazing, and so wonderful. God really does work in mysterious, and miraclous ways. Amen to that. United we stand; divided we fall. I really do believe we are all a part of the big picture, a piece of the great, wonderful, beautiful scheme.

I consider my life to have been a pretty tough one. Although I know we all have it rough in life here. But I am really starting to think that maybe some of the roughness was to set me up for the here and the now. The point being to not fear, to open up enough, and to let go. And now that I'm here through god's will and grace, I feel so grateful.

I want to serve in anyway I can until it is my time, as all have their own time, and go home to heavenly bliss! Thank you Lord for making such a wonderful place for us. You rock!