Angel Stories Collection

Welcome to our angel story archives.

We have received quite a few angel stories by our readers and will continue to grow the angel stories collection and archives. Enjoy!

Thoughts of My Angel Story

Thoughts of My Angel Story

by Marsha Neuschwanter, Bayonne, NewJersey While in despair and out of a job, I looked to the Heavens above. I...
My Guardian Angel Story

My Guardian Angel John

by A. Hicks My Guardian Angel, John, was Surely Working in Office Max I was chosen to chair the annual...
Backyard Angel Story

Backyard Angel Story

by Noel Hassett - Geelong, Victoria Australia On Tuesday, 28th of March (2006), I walked out into the back...
Angel Sighting Story

Angel Sighting Story

from Leslie C. I was walking down the street when all of a sudden I saw something in the sky in the distance....
Dad's My Angel

Dad's My Angel Story

from Ellen Y. My dad passed away when I was very young and I have missed him since. Now, I am twenty three...
Angel Stories of Grandpa's

Angel Stories of Grandpa

by Kerry-Lee Botha, South Africa I am Kerry, and in 2000 my grandpa died. Just the other day (not long...
Grandfather's Angel Story

Grandfather Angel Story

from Tonya I was ten years old at the time (I am now 20). My grandfather was sick and dying of cancer in his...
Little Girl Guardian Angel Story

Little Girl Guardian Angel Story

from Kim I thought I would share my angel story with you. After I read the story on here about the mother...
Miracle Upon Miracle

Miracle Upon Miracle

by P. Schroeder Friday night, at 11:30, I lit a prayer candle and prayed to the spirit world. I asked a...
Son's an Angel Story

Son's An Angel Story

from Terra I’m thirty four years old and had fertility issues. When I was twenty one, I lost a child....
Awoken by an Angel Story

Awoken By An Angel Story

by Laurence Stanway Here's an excerpt from the book "Awoken by an Angel." The book tells the true story of my...
Angel Feathers Story

Angel Feathers Story

by Barbara Dowse I hadn't heard about angel feathers until one of my niece's daughters was killed suddenly...
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