God's Watching Over Me Angel Story

from Jonathan K. of Virginia

About one year ago, I moved into a new house. I was always hearing strange noises, like very loud BANGS! I always heard these noises when I was alone. One night I was sleeping, and I woke up to get a glass of water from the kitchen. As I walked upstairs, I saw a big bright glowing angel. I was shocked! She stood there for about two minutes...then she flew out the window; but it was closed! I knew that she was trying to say that she will always be there to keep me safe.

About a week later I prayed to God and said, "Dear God, please put a bright light in the sky if I am going to be an angel when I go to heaven." Just then, a plane with a bright light on it flew right where I wanted God to send it. I have never seen a plane fly over my neighborhood before!

Since then, God has showed me all the signs I wanted him to send. I really do believe in the Lord and his army of angels!