Visitation Angel Stories

Angel stories telling of spirit visitation differ from some of the other angel story categories we have on Angels & Ghosts

Often times, stories of angel visits will primarily focus on the delivery of an important message. Those words from the angel may bring some sort of enlightenment, encouragement, or at times, even a stern warning from the angel.

Ever heard of a visiting angel? Believe it or not, angel visits are reported with some even making the news wire.

Stories of angel visitation are typically reported to be life-changing for people who experience such a hallmark in their lives. Angels are known to be messengers (it's what the word angels means), and when this wisdom-endowed spirit feels compelled to deliver a word, you can be sure it is for an important purpose. The words during the encounter will vary, but the angel visitation is usually shocking to the person, sometimes even dramatic; and it brings direction or change in one's life journey. You will hear of people who have encountered angels completely changing their focus and habits. The reason is because their perception of life and their role in humanity has been broadened - they have captured a personal, grand vision. Angel visitiations, like help and rescue stories, show us that spirits must watch and care over us as if they are raising up children who are learning life's lessons for a purpose. Ah, the mysteries that life holds...