Praying Messenger Angel Story

A true angel visitation story...

It happened about four years ago. I woke up and a young woman was standing beside my bed.

It was around 3:00 am. She was very beautiful and a whitish blue color. The lady was dressed old-fashioned and had a veil covering the top of her head and going down her back. I could see her face, but didn't know her. She had her head bowed and hands clasped. She never said a word to me, but I knew that she was praying for me. I knew that I was about to go through two to three years of hard times.

The messenger was praying that I wouldn't lose my faith. I thought maybe it was my daughter, who has long hair, and so I said, "Lynn." When I did, she floated up into the hair and looked like a swirl of fog. Then it got smaller and smaller until I heard a distinct pop and she disappeared. Within the three years, my mother-in-law died, my uncle died, my dear cousin's grandson drowned, my sister-in-law committed suicide, my grandmother died, my husband died, and my mother died.

The last death happened a year ago tomorrow, but I can't even pray anymore.

I feel God turned his back on me.

Publisher's Note:
We decided to publish this account, though an awful hardship to read about, so all of us can take courage and inspiration from the person who shared this story; that there are indeed loved ones in spirit who are with us. This story is an excellent example of benevolant spirits being with us through even the darkest of times, and so we should take note of this.

It is not easy to understand why such tragedies occur, but perhaps we have only a limited perspective from which to try and comprehend life's cruelties. Maybe such tragic events are not the result of a vengeful god, but more a product of something yet incomprehensible, being only a temporal occurance.

It is my hope for all to one day be able to look back on this life with some sort of understanding, knowing that no one was ever truly lost and that the negative things we experienced were just a temporary nightmare. I hope for all of us one day to be able to awaken from our sleep and know that our tragedies were just a fading, bad dream; one which had no consequence in the grand scheme of things, as we discover all of us reunited with our loved one suffering any eternal loss of any sort. - LC