Angel Visitation

by Geraldine Varey

This is my true story. I swear to God.

One afternoon a few years ago, two very small transparent angels came into my bedroom through the open window. I had gone for a lie down, as I had been feeling unwell and unusually tired. I had only be lying there for a few moments when the angels appeared.

They came on either side of me and held me gently under my elbows and then carried me through the window, up into the sky and took me into what I believe was two of my past lives. They kissed me constantly and reassured me; then brought me back to my body. It all happened so quickly, I hardly had time to react and I had no sense of fear at all.

I know I wasn’t dreaming; it was more beautiful than anything I have ever experienced before. I felt a really sadness as they left; and I cried. I have constantly asked them to come back again, but so far this has never happened to me again.

I live in hope...