Tall Angel Story

by Phym...

My First Angel Visitation
About seven years ago, I saw an angel standing in front of my brother.

It was very tall, maybe six or seven foot tall, and it was bright green at the time. I thought it was a ghost, but when I talked to a spiritualist, he told me it had to be an angel.

A Second Angel Visit
A few years ago I was in a mental hospital, as I was sick. I was sitting, and when I looked up, I saw an angel, again. It was about the same size as the other angel, but this time it was bright red.

Each time I have seen an angel, I should have been scared; but I was never scared. The spiritualist told me that if you are scared when you see a spirit or ghost, then the spirit is bad. If you are not scared, then the angel or spirit is good. I sometimes feel angels - it is a feeling of a tall presence next to you and you feel safe.

This can happen to anyone...