Angel Visitation Story

by Paige

Well, I believe I have seen two angels in my lifetime.

The first being when I was all by myself on an airplane when I was really young and going to California for the summer to see relatives. I remember sitting in a window seat. For a brief moment, I caught the glimpse of a beautiful woman, with golden hair, wearing a long green dress with a golden sash. She was outside my window, flying with great wings beside the plane. I looked outside quickly with disbelief and saw nothing, but it made me feel happy. When we landed, I saw a rainbow in the distance.

The next story isn't so glorious, but it is indeed baffling to me. It is said that we are closer to the other side when we are asleep; more in-tune to things. When I was younger, I remember being in my living room and sleeping on the couch. I was always scared of sleeping in the living room, because it was open to the kitchen and we have had alot of activity there. And being small and impressionable, I feared ghosts and things.

Well one night, I was having trouble sleeping and upon waking again, I saw a bright light coming from the hall. I thought at first it was the hall light, but it was much brighter. I looked over toward the dining room table (which is next to the hall) and I saw a young man. He was very handsome, with the most dazzling smile. He had beautiful eyes and was surrounded by a faint light, and was dressed head to toe in white. When he saw me looking at him, he smiled at me. He made no noise as he walked into the hall and disappeared. I sat up straight on the couch and just stared for a while, asking myself who that was and where he had gone. But the rest of the night, I had no trouble sleeping. This was very comforting to me.

I simply love angels and think they are wonderful.