Angel Cloud Story

by A. Haden

To this day (February 6, 2006), I still wonder. The year was February 7, 1971 -- 12:00 midnight.

I was 18 years old and I woke suddenly, sitting up. There to my right, in the whole area of the kitchen, was a huge angel kneeling and praying silently. On his knees, he was seven feet tall. He wore a beautiful toga, girded at the waist that sparkled like snow in the morning sun. A thin diadem encircled his head, matching his gown. His eyes were green, very soft, and his hair was light gold; pleasing to the eye, wavy and shoulder length. A soft white cloud encircled the space around him, leaving no room for darkness.

I blinked three times to see if I was imagining this, and two words came into my mind (Jesus, pray). All of a sudden, fear came over me because I remembered my five week old son in the other room. So I said in my mind, "Please don't take my son." At that time, my son had serious breathing problems. In answer to that, he said in my mind, "You shall have him for twenty years."

Well my son did stay until he met his fiance, and he has been happy ever since. He now has a healthy son two years old. From this experience, being an old vatican, Roman Catholic, I believe an angel visits before we are taken up; but we have the option to stay if we catch him.