Angel Story: The Black Angel

by Ms. Rix

This morning was an odd one though. I opened my eyes to see a black woman with a chubby round face, big lips, and very short hair looking at me. All I could see of her was her head AND her BLACK wings folded in front of her. My first impression was she must be an angel, and I was told by Howard Kelly's (a friend of mine) mother that if another Angel appears that I was to lie still, close my mouth, and open my heart and my minds ears to hear what she had to say, because angels may appear to you if God has a message for you. So that's what I did. The black woman had a kind face and sympathetic expression as she looked at me. It was as if she heard what I was thinking (which I understand they can do). Then she looked up towards Heaven and opened her mouth as if she were singing and holding a long note of a song. The immediate thought that came to my mind was "Sing unto the Lord" or "Praise God in Song". Something like that. Then she started fading.

My only other thought was that she didn't look like the angels I had seen, so far, in many ways (or what I had learned or been told).

  • She was black
  • She was female (instead of a male with a feminine appearance)
  • She didn't look marble like the others
  • She wasn't flowing looking (?)
  • She wasn't close to the ceiling but appeared to be the height she might be if she were 
  • standing on the floor
  • She had black wings - they were very beautiful wings
  • She appeared like other human forms, like a 3 dimensional negative image.
  • I felt like she was a different kind of angel, i.e. a human who died and chose to be an angel of some sort. (I once read somewhere that is a very difficult choice for many reasons. Humans remember being human and have feelings where as angels who were always angels have a love for humans that is more of an obedience/job that God gave them).

After she faded out, I looked around the room and noticed it was full of activity. I could make out a young man who had his back to me as if he were looking around at all the others in the room. He was blonde and tall; he had on some type of sports jersey that was white with a light color (maybe light blue) number 3 on it. He had the type of shoulders that look more like a triangle with a head on top than the type of shoulders that are big a square looking. Now that I think about it one could say, he actually looked more like a quarterback than a guard, if you know what I mean. But, maybe he was a baseball player. I know he was tall because the 3 on the back of his jersey had a lot of space above it and the bottom of the 3 was about 3 inches above his waist line.