Grandmother's Angel Story

An account of a real angel visit...

After my Grandfather died, my Grandmother, who is now also dead, told this story. I'm sure if she knew we were to share it, she would have been delighted.

She was in the bathroom washing her hair in the sink. She looked out the bathroom window and saw my Grandfather outside talking to a man. This was 1972, so she wasn't surprised that he had long hair, a beard, and was wearing a robe.

They lived in the country, a mile off the road. Since she didn't see a car, she just wondered where he had come from. She said that they started walking up in the air like they were walking up stairs that she couldn't see. Granddaddy stopped about 12 feet up and looked down at her and smiled. He had heart trouble and his complexion had turned gray, but he was looking healthier than he had in years. She realized then, that he had died. He turned and started walking up the stairs. The other man appeared to open a door, and Granddaddy walked through the door. Then the man walked through and the last thing she could see was his robe before he disappeared.

She ran into the den where Granddaddy sat slouched over dead. He'd had a heart attack and hadn't even had time to get his nitroglycerin pills out of his pocket. My Grandmother was a Southern Baptist, Head Sunday school teacher for 51 years. She told me that it had always given her comfort getting to see Granddaddy so healthy again and knowing he was happy and in heaven.

Publisher's Note:
Probably what we enjoy most in this angel visitation story is that the person with the grandfather was described as a "man," and that this story is a wonderful example of how loved ones in spirit are there to help us cross to the other side upon death of the physical body. Though the man was not recognizable to the grandmother as a relative, it is very likely that he was around the grandfather during his life as either a guide, counselor, or still possibly as a long-lost relative looking over the family. - LC