Stranger or Angel?

The following story of a stranger left our witness stunned. Was he an angel or just a man who knew exactly what to say?

from Kim S. of the United Kingdom

I'm still a bit shocked.

I am very spiritual and make no claim to being psychic or anything. However, I've always had odd dreams and notice lots of daily coincidences.

I was pottering about. I always ask my angels for help and love as I just believe in them. This day I said out loud, "Give me a sign (blah, blah)..."

The next day I dropped my two oldest kids off at school and took a stroll 'round a back route as I made my way home with my twin toddlers.

As I was walking along, no one else was around. Or, so it seemed. Then, an elderly gentleman came towards me, walking so fast that I was admiring him and his speedy gait.

I eventually smiled at the stranger, so he said, "Good morning." I noticed there was not much emotion in his face - very straight. He stopped just past me and stared right through me. He mentioned how he got breathless walking up the hill (I thought to myself, "I'm not surprised by the speed you were going!")

The man gave a high five to my son, Noah, and turned to me. He said, "God loves you." (I am not religious or anything; I just thought that's a nice thing to say. So I said, "Thank you."

The stranger carried on ahead while my little boys chased him, almost asking him to wait. The man didn't interact but paced on ahead.

The alley we walked along has several turn offs to rows of houses; mine was next. He was way ahead of us, at this point, but stopped at my turn off, a bit, and waits. He then asked me, "Can I recommend something to you? On Channel 61 is a show called, Touched by an Angel. It's a feel good show about people changing their lives. 

I honestly was very stunned. The day before I had been really analyzing myself, also thinking I need to train to do something when my boys are off to school. 

I now believe whole-heartedly this man was there to give me a message. He didn't seem real! He looked real, but it was such an odd situation as he didn't show much emotion and waited for me to interact with him. 

Has anyone had any thing like this?