Guardian Angel Stories

Angel stories telling of divine protection through use of angelic powers are how we are going to classify our gaurdian angel stories collection.

Of course, guardian angels or spirits also provide rescue, and other forms of help to those whom they are watching over.

Do You Have a Guardian Angel Story? Consider This...

Sometimes people need help, but at what point do guardian spirits, angels, come and help those in their time of need? Do the guardian angels in these stories receive direction to do so from a higher power? Stories seem to indicate that angels do not like to interfere with our lives, but will, at certain times. The mystery, in our opinion, is what governs when guardian angels intervene versus when they will not? Do guardian angels know the future in advance so as to understand the outcome of their actions? Or could their be a "loose" plan for each life put in place before someone appears in the physical world, and guardian angels help keep people in line with the life-plan as it unfolds? These are some great ideas to keep in mind and contemplate while reading stories and accounts of guardian angel intervention.