"Lights" Guardian Angel Story

from Melanie Miller

I used to live in a certain home years ago when my sons were little. I could have sworn I saw ghosts in an abandoned, old church near us.

I had seen many lights within it, so I asked my two sons to come outside. I kindly asked them to tell me if they had seen lights flashing. My younger son said, "Look mommie, there they are! The angels with flash lights!" I had to laugh, but still a bit afraid, I wondered why I had seen those candles burning so brightly. I then knew it had to be angels and not ghosts.

There must have been 40 to 50 of those lights, and to think there must have been this many angels as well! I went back inside for the night.

The next day I thought I saw a few angels in my home. Josh, my son, woke up and said aloud, "Mom, there are angels, two male angels in our home. What do we do?" I replied, "We do nothing son. They are here to protect us. I feel it in my bones!" As soon as I had said this, the angels just disappeared. I never saw them after this, but have felt my guardian angel near me at different times

When my son fell when he was little, I knew something was wrong. An angel told me he had broken his leg. I did not think he had, as he was only four years old at the time. So, I took him to the hospital and indeed his leg was broken.

I cried and sobbed for days over it. He had been rough-housing with another kid, and he fell off the bed at the neighbor's house. They felt bad about it, the man and woman did, but it was not their fault. I wished I had been there, but at least an angel whispered to me to get over there quickly: "Your son fell off the bed and broke his leg!" I guess the two were playing on the bed jumping, as I heard this to be the truth. Needless to say, I never allowed him to go back to this home, even though they apologized.

I have seen my share of ghosts for a long time, as well as angels. I would prefer to see an angel (or hear one) rather than a ghost any day of the week.

Angels do not scare me, but ghosts sure do.