Tracy's Guardian Angel Story

A real guardian angel story...submitted to us by Tracy.

The night I met my guardian angel was like any other night. I had worked a long shift as a waitress at Applebee’s. I clocked out around 1:30 am and was starving. It had been such a busy night, that I never got a long enough break to eat, before the kitchen closed. So seeing as how there are only about two fast-food restaurants in Brunswick that are open that late, I went to Krystal for dinner before making the 45 minute trip home. When I pulled into the parking lot at Krystal, my attention was drawn to these two elderly men standing next to a red Dodge Magnum near the front of the building.

They turned their heads and watched me as I drove around to the drive-thru speaker, which seemed weird. As my car stopped, I saw one of the men start walking toward my car and the other man get into the Magnum and drive away. The gentleman that approached me had a noticeable limp, but had a big smile on his face. He had silver hair and reminded me of someone’s sweet old grandpa.

Now, any other time I would have been guarded and probably rolled up my window and locked the doors when someone approached my car at almost two o’clock in the morning. But for some unknown reason at the time, I felt calm and reassured this time. He said “Hello” and asked me for directions to Wal-Mart. I told him the easiest way I knew to get there and he didn’t understand. He kept smiling and asking things like, “So which exit do I get off on? Which red light do I turn at? Do I turn Left or Right?” I would tell him again, and he would still ask questions. Finally after, no lie, five minutes of this, he seemed to understand, thanked me and walked away. So I pulled around to the window, got my food and headed home.

On I-95, just past Exit 49, traffic slowed and I realized that there was an accident up ahead, which must have just happened. As I passed the accident, I was shocked to see a dead body lying in the middle of the right hand lane. Then I saw the red Dodge Magnum and it all clicked for me. I truly believe that the silver haired gentleman asking for directions was my guardian angel and if it weren’t for him taking up five minutes of my time, I would have been in that accident.

Another reason I believe angels exist comes from my belief that we all have a purpose on this Earth. I believe my guardian angel protected me that night, because it wasn’t my time to go. God has a purpose for me and I had not yet fulfilled that purpose. That night I was overwhelmed by the feeling that I had been given a second chance and that I needed to use it.