Divine Intervention Angel Story

by T. Brown

It was a rainy day and there was a big fight. I had threats on my life. As the people who were supposed to kill me showed up at my house...the moment they stepped out of their car, it was as if God was sending angels down to protect me. The rain stopped; the clouds went away; and you could see little beams of sunlight through the remaining clouds...and as I saw the light, it got brighter and brighter.

I heard gun shots, and then I got the chills all the way down my spine. I thought I was dead, but the angels had stopped the bullets; and directly behind me you could see the bullet holes in my car door. I thought they missed; but as I looked, I took three steps back and the bullet holes had an outline of an angel.

One of my friends was recording the whole thing, and as we watched it...when you hear the gun fire, all you can see is a bright light flying down in front of me. I didn't realize what had happened until I watched the tape. I'm blessed...