Guardian Angel Rescue Story

A guardian angel story retold to us from "A Friend"

My friend has been seeing a lot of things lately and pointing them out to me. I see them, but this time it was just mind blowing on what she told me had happened to her a couple months ago. When she told me this at school, it was right after it happened that day.

Sarah woke up in the middle of the night every night to go to the bathroom. So that night was no different. She raised up to see dark growling shadows (I've never heard of, nor seen a shadow spirit growl, so that part kind of took me off guard). She gasped and got into her usual fetal (scared) position she had developed from when she was seven years old. Sarah was starting to cry when a light shot from the corner of the room...a woman she could hardly see was in the light.

The woman said to her, "It's OK. Everything is going to be alright."

So Sarah (knowing her family's background) said, "Is there a demon in my room?" The angel (if it was an angel) said, "I don't know, but whatever is here, I'm not going to let it hurt you. Now run to the bathroom and I'll take care of it." Sarah nodded, jumped up, ran past and through the shadows and into the bathroom.

When Sarah came back into her room a while later (after she regained enough courage), everything was gone: no shadows, no light or angel. Sarah is convinced it happened and that her angel, that she now calls Vicky, saved her.