Car Accident Guardian Angel Story

This story and pictures was sent to us by Mandy Hallett. For whatever reason, her life was spared through a tragic car accident. Mandy believes her guardian angel protected her the entire time. The following is a description of the traumatic event in her own words:

"The accident happened on a very curvy road that runs along side a canal. A car, passing us on the opposite side of the road, had its bright lights on, blinding Lisa (my friend that passed away). Only after the car passed us did she realize we were headed for the canal - she over-corrected her steering but was too late to avoide the impact.

We hit a light pole at 60 mph, pulling the entire light, pole and its base out of the ground and breaking it in half. The wrecker that picked up the car told me we were actually airborne, maybe 30 feet in the air before hitting the pole, as it was a big drop from the road to where the pole was anchored.

I remember leaving the road and, then, waking up in the back seat with what I thought was fire outside the car (the live electrical wires from the pole were arcing and sparking). I don't remember much about the accident, but I do remember crawling under the wires on my tummy with them jumping everywhere around me. I knew I had to get help.

I later found out from the doctor in the emergency room that the fire department could not figure out how I got out of the car without being electrocuted, as they could not approach the car for 45 minutes until the power was cut off, as it was so hot. Not only that, but the impact should have done more damage to me. I had only a hurt wrist, bumps and bruises and was released the same morning.

One of my friends took pictures of the car later the same day, and when he sent them to me, I knew my angel had to be with me on my side of the car. There is no other explanation for me. She was there to help me through those wires and must have padded me from the impact. I know I am not through with whatever God has planned for me; so I am searching for what that is..."

Note About the Pictures:
"This picture was taken later that day and is my side of the car. I know that this is my guardian angel" (first image).

The other picture is the driver's side of the car after the accident (second image).