Angel's Guardian Angel Story

Story told to us by a person named, "Angel."

Many times in my life there have been instances where I could have been killed and mysteriously wasn't...

The one event that makes me swear I have an angel watching over me heppened when I was only 18 years old.

I had been living with my grandparents after graduating high school. I had a boyfriend and a job, trying to make ends meet, so I could get my first apartment.

I did something that so displeased my grandmother she sent me back to my parents in disgrace. My home with my parents, while it had all the trappings any teenager could wish for, lacked compassion and consideration.

I was emotionally, and at times physcally, abused. I was very lonely.

February 14th came. I was home alone after losing another job, and my parents were angry. My fiance did not call. I waited for the mail expecting at least a post card. Nothing. I thought he forgot about me. I felt lower than ever, worthless like life wasn't worth living.

I went into the bathroom and opened all the pills there. I had been prescribed many over the years for various health issues. I took eight valium, 16 - 800mg Motrin and six Tylenol with codine. I went and layed down to die and fell asleep.

I woke to a shadowy figure standing beside my bed. I could barely see, because there was light all around. I felt warm and loved for the first time in my life - not for what I could give someone or do for someone, but just because I was. I had an urge to fight and called for help on the phone. The same day after leaving the hospital and psych-center I was offered a job. My fiance called as I got home. Everything turned out fine!

An angel would again save me years later.

About a month ago, I was going to a blind friend's house to help with computer problems. I had my very young son strapped in the car behind me. My car is kept in excellent condition. There are no problems with the motor. It is important you understand this.

I was at a green light, and three cars ahead of me pulled forward and went thru. I had started forward at about ten mph when without the least jerk or stutter the car stopped as if I hit the brakes. I pressed harder on the gas. The pedal did not move. I am a very strong woman. I pressed even harder, and it still wouldn't move.

This occurred for only a second, and when I glanced to my right, I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. A large flat-bed truck, with a very large tractor on it, was flying down the road. He swerved out of the turn late and made the turn in front of me, running the light and missing my bumper by an inch.

Timing-wise, had we moved even a little, my car would have been thrown under it and spun, so that his tires would have crushed my door killing me and my son. As soon as he passed, the car started rolling gently forward, as if I pushed the gas slowly. Again, no hesitation or stutter to the engine, just as if I had let off the brake and deliberately moved it forward. The entire time my foot had been pushing hard on the gas pedal.

I got to my friend's house and checked the engine, brakes and everything over. Nothing was wrong. There is no earthly reason the car should have stopped or moved the way it did. But it did, and I believe an angel held the car back so that we were spared.