Ashley's Angel Story

by Ashley Reid - London, UK

My angel experience occurred when I was somewhere between 12-14 years old. I was in secondary school at the time, in a religious education lesson. We were learning about Christianity and our teacher was on the subject of Jesus Christ.

In our class we had a seating plan, with three rows of tables -- four tables within each row. I was sitting beside the aisle way, in the middle row. Across the aisle way was a metal cupboard containing exercise books; no more than 3-4 feet away from me.

I really can’t remember if I was writing something down or listening to my teacher; but I got the sensation that something was next to me (in the aisle way on my right side). Obviously there was nothing there. I continued writing. Then, I felt the extremely strong sensation of a warm hand resting on my right strong that I had to look in that direction. Nothing was there; and it couldn’t have been anyone behind me, as there is at least two feet of space between each row. However, my sixth sense was telling me that it was someone possibly dressed in a robe of some kind, but I could not determine the gender. The ‘person’ seemed to me to be possibly be five feet seven, or slightly taller. You must remember that nothing was visible to me at this time – it was my sixth sense. But that hand on my right shoulder felt like a real hand, not an energy...a real hand!

I told my teacher about this after class. It made me feel calm and happy, but who could it have been? One of my grandpa’s and one of my auntie’s had died a few years back, but I don’t know if it was them or not. I am convinced that this was my guardian angel.