Car Trouble Guardian Angel Story

Guardian angel story submitted by Laura to Angels & Ghosts...

My first accident guardian angel experience was the Wednesday before Christmas about 7 or 8 years ago (around 2003).

I worked in Springdale, OH and didn't get off work until midnight. We had a horrible blizzard that day, and I left work at 10 or 10:30 at night. At the Lawrenceburg, IN exit off of I-275 (on my way to Independence, KY), I ran off the road and into a snowbank. I had to call roadside assistance and wait for them to come, periodically making sure my tail pipe wasn't clogged with snow.

It was very cold. I didn't reach this exit until around midnight (usually a 20 minute drive). I had to wait for a few hours before roadside assistance came. By then, I was too tired to try to make it home. I pulled off the Lawrenceburg exit and headed toward into the hotel at the Argosy Casino.

I got a room for the rest of the night. While there, I watched the TV and found out that about 10 minutes after I hit that snowbank, a major accident involving three semi trailers and multiple cars happened on the I-275 bridge between Indiana and Kentucky. I would have been on that bridge at that time if I hadn't run off the road and into the snowbank! I believe my guardian angel ran me into that snowbank so I wouldn't be in the accident.

The next guardian angel experience was about three years ago. I was on I-275 in Kentucky on my way to I-471 which would take me up to I-71 and Cincinnati. My car stalled in the middle lane of the interstate. It would not restart. I could not even get the car to the shoulder of the road. The car behind me stopped. The car behind them stopped and was hit by another vehicle. A major accident that blocked the Interstate for over two hours was less than 100 feet behind me. Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt and only two people (one a pregnant lady) were taken to the hospital for observation. I do believe my guardian angel guarded my car so I wasn't hurt and made sure there were no serious injuries.