Hospital Angel Visitation Story

A true angel visitation story from Helen of the United Kingdom...
No one believes what I saw.  Last year, I was in the hospital for a month.  I was severely ill with acute pancreatitis, my liver was jaundice all caused by gall stones.
The doctors told me at one point if I didnt improve they would be putting me into intensive care,
I was admitted into the hospital due to having a severe gall stone attack, and I went down hill from there.  I was taken to have a series of x-rays and afterwards I was lying on a trolley in a corridor waiting to be taken back up to the ward.
My husband was standing by the trolley and the foot of the trolly was right in front of a door.  Before I was taken back upstairs, a man in what appeared to be a nurse's uniform came through the doors and stood at the bottom of my trolley.

It wasn't the right uniform.  The tunic was like a cape - nothing like the standard male uniform.  There were no sleeves. 

He had black rimmed glasses on and the most perfect wavy, sandy blonde hair.  He appeared to be taking notes about me and was carrying what looked like a clipboard with paper on it.
It was odd. He then looked at me and walked back through the doors.
My husband didn't see anyone and basically told me I was hallucinating.  He blamed the drugs, but I wasnt actually on any heavy drugs at that time.  All they were giving me was Paracetamol and Tramadol; something which I had taken before without any adverse affects.
When I told the nurses I had seen an angel, they shushed me, too.
I don't know what to think.  I'm convinced that the man I saw wasn't human and that he was checking up on me.  I felt sure I wasn't hallucinating.
I've been troubled by this for over a year now.

Publisher's Thoughts:
This angel visitation story is fascinating to us, but we must wonder, like Helen, who was this man? Could have have been a former doctor who had worked at the facility? And if so, does he think he is still seeing patients?

Unlike most angel accounts, this man didn't appear to do anything - no message, no assistance. He just "visited." This makes us wonder if he could have possibly been a ghost.