Night Shift Angel Story

from Tammy

My name is Tammy and I am a night shift nurse at a local nursing home. I have an angel story that I would like to share.

It was about 2:00 AM and most of the residents were sleeping soundly; and it was one of those rare quiet nights. I decided to take that opportunity of rare quiet to do some charting at the nurses' station. Another nurse and myself were sitting at the nurses' station that faced the east hall. The lights were dim, but it was not dark.

All at once, I glanced up from a resident's chart and saw a white (almost mother of pearl like) formation float across the hallway from the left side of the hall into a room on the right side. I must have sighed because the nurse sitting at the nurses' station said (without looking at me), "I saw it too, Tammy."

About one minute later, the resident in the room on the right side of the hall turned on her call light and was yelling. The other nurse and I rushed down the hallway to her room. A plump elderly immobile resident was yelling, "Help Me, there was an angel on my ceiling." The other nurse and I took a few moments to calm the resident. She described the "angel" exactly as what I had seen that night.

A few minutes later, another resident's call light came on. This resident was on the north hall. Keep in mind, she could not have heard the other lady at her location on a different hall. We went to her room. She also exclaimed that there had been an angel on her ceiling. The next day these residents told others of their sightings but were disregarded. One of the residents was even placed on Serroquel due to her "hallucinations."

Neither of these residents passed away that night, nor did anyone on that hall, but there was something there that night. Anyone who wants to see some strange occurrences needs to work as a night shift nurse or CNA (Certified Nurse's Assistant). They are sure to see something. I have been a nurse for only five years, and I have seen this "angel," "the man in black," and facility cats that will pace in front of a room of someone that has taken a turn for the worse.