Rosa Mystica Statue Story 3

from Father Stephen...

Another story concerning these specially blessed statues, is of a friend of mine in Venezuela who has heard of the wonders of these statues of the Virgin Mary, such as the Rosa Mystica, and she wanted one for herself so that she could do the same work I was doing with ours.

She worried that the statue wouldn't arrive, or that it would be stolen from the mail, or some other incident. I kept telling her to keep the faith and expect it, since she was a woman of faith, very devout and devoted to the Virgin Mary.

Soon the statue arrived and so she began this type of house visits with it.

She would bring the statue, bless the household and leave it there. Certain prayers were supposed to be said, and the statue was to be given a place of honor for the visit of Jesus Christ's earthly mother. A woman, who had a baby, came to seek help. The doctors had given her no hope whatsoever that the male child would survive. They said, “Make peace, say goodbye and expect the worst. Instead, the mother prayed to Our Lady.”

And the special promise with this statue was that the archangels Raphael and Gabriel, who were the Virgin Mary's special emissaries, accompany the statue everywhere. Well, although the doctors predicted the child would not live because of a kidney problem and infection, in fact, the baby not only got well, but survived. It put the doctors to shame, because the Virgin Mary and her archangels had cured the child who is now about seven years old.

This same statue in Venezuela , and the woman caretaker of it, also experienced showers of rainbow-hued confetti in the shapes of stars, suns, and moons. When analyzed, the material was of an organic natural compound related to plant materials. Some people reported that red roses turned green, and that there were other things, like special lights accompanying the statues. By then, there were more than a few and so these other incidents took place with other caretakers.