Angel in Dream Story

When I was 19 years old, I was receiving letters from a church that was in Oklahoma. I had never contacted this church; they were sending me letters about every week, and I had been responding back to them. One day I received a letter from them that was on the topic of the book of Job in the Bible, and it had a black and white picture of an old man sitting down near a fire. It was in a desert, and I really didn't think no more of it. I responded back to the letter. About a few days later, I recall staying up late to watch TV. My mom was asleep.

As I was walking down the stairs to go to bed, I noticed this odd looking white, misty fog at the bottom. I walked through it not thinking. I was tired. I immediately fell deep asleep. I saw myself at a desert like the picture of the man in the letter. It was a deserted place, and I was barefoot, crying, tired, and hurting in my body. In the dream, I kept walking until I came upon a rock. I knelt down, looking like I was praying. When I got back up, I saw mountains and hills in the distance.

I decided to lie down on the sand and rest. Then it started raining, and I heard loud roaring thunder. So I got up and saw a small bright light in the distance. I stopped and knew what it was; it was God's light coming closer and closer to me. As I stood there in awe, this tall, glowing figure of maybe 14 feet stood in front of me with a large wing span. The angel wore a bright white robe, and I felt like it was female and with halo. There was no face; it's face looked like water with a rainbow, being very unique.

All of a sudden as I was standing there staring, I saw my soul lift out of my body and move into the angel's body. When this happened, my face appeared in place of its face!

It was then that I had a flashback of seeing myself in the kitchen with my mom talking to me. I don't recall what she was saying, but I do remember she looked worried.

As this happened, the angel's face then turned into my mom's face; my soul came back out of the angel's body and re-entered back into my own body. While I'm standing there, the angel pointed to the lower part of my body. At the same time, thunder outside of my apartment building hit the ground and I awoke as if being raised from the dead! I felt so different and alive. My mom was downstairs in the kitchen where she always sits. I told her about my dream angel, and she was so amazed.

I believe God healed me in this dream.