Angels Saved My Life

Deebs' Angel Stories of Rescue & Help...

On many occasions, I have been in situations where I could have been seriously injured or killed, but I wasn't. Each time I felt the presence of an angel.

The first was when I went swimming with my family. My dad had picked me up. Being the playful one in the family, he threw me into water that was over eight feet deep. Being only nine years old, and not being able to swim, I panicked. I walked along the bottom until I could feel water rushing into my nose and mouth.

I somehow managed to gain enough momentum that I jumped to the surface and caught a breath of air. I only remember yelling for help and nobody hearing me. I think I was having an out-of-body experience. I was floating and felt a sense of peace.

My mother swam to me and took me into her arms. I don't remember much after that. I had passed out from lack of air. When I came to, I was on land with my dog laying beside me.

My mom came to me with a towel. I coughed up more than enough water, but I survived. Mom told me I had been under the water for more than two minutes. She said I should not have survived, but I did. She thinks, as do I, that my work for God is not yet finished.

Another time I survived, was when I was walking down a flight of stairs, heading to the high school art room. I had a handful of sharpened pencils. I felt a hand on my back when I was at the top step. Then, I fell down a flight of stairs, all the way to the bottom. When I landed, I opened my eyes to the principal and school secretary running to see if I was okay. I could not move my arm, nor could I stand for anyone to touch it.

Everybody thought I had broken it. It bruised and swelled like I had broken it, but within twenty minutes the swelling and bruising had gone away completely. The school nurse looked over my arm and said I was a really lucky girl. The way I had fallen, I should have broken my wrist; but I didn't. I think the hand I felt was my angel wrapping themselves around me to protect me. The only thing I broke was my watch. It had been given to me by my grandmother, who had passed away from cancer two and a half years earlier.

There was another experience that occurred my junior year of high school. My previous volleyball coach had suffered a stroke and died a month and two weeks after I had been cut from the volleyball team by the new coach. My previous coach taught me all I know about volleyball. He told me I had the makings of a star volleyball athlete.

The afternoon of his funeral, I was called to the office to pick up an order of balloons. When I got there, the office told me to take them to the gymnasium, where coach's funeral was being held. I took the order of balloons down a long hallway and outside. I had to walk down cement stairs. The balloons blocked my view of the staircase, and I tripped and fell down the steps. The only thought in my mind was to throw the order of balloons down the walkpath. They had weights on them so they could not float away. I threw the bouquet of balloons and landed on the hard cement floor below. As soon as I hit the ground, I saw stars. I had cracked my head on the cement and had a severe concussion and a goose egg.

It was then that I saw my coach. He was there but didn't help. He looked in the direction of the pallbearers. One of the pallbearers broke away from the others to run to my aid. He was the only one that saw me fall. He said that I had lifted my foot to step and it just shot out from under me, almost like it had been kicked. He examined my head, while the other pallbearers stood waiting with the coffin for him to join them. As soon as the pallbearer helped me up, my coach vanished. It was as if he wanted to make sure I was okay. I no longer see him, but I do hear him at school sometimes.

I see angels from time to time. My family has a gift where the ability of clairvoyance has been passed down. I have it and so does my father. Once, I was talking to a friend and had seen a shadow come up behind her. I was worried, because she had an upcoming trip. Therefore, I told her to be careful. She asked why, and I told her that I had seen a dark shadow that felt uncomfortable to me. A few months later someone gave her an anonymous tip that the "Indigo" (me) was right about the shadow. As soon as she got the tip, she contacted my mom telling us that I was the only one who had seen the shadow and had said anything about it.