Awakening Angels

Malinda Seppala tells her angel story of rescue...

I never believed too much in angels or ghosts before this day, but my experience changed my perception of the world.

I agreed to watch my friend's kids for a few days while she worked the night shift. She lived in a town about three hours away from me. I had to use my mom's car, and my mom had to work during the day. So, I had to drive to Chino Valley and back to Phoenix a total of three times. It was my last day, and I was driving home for good. I was very tired, and my infant son was sleeping in the back seat.

It was about 1:00 AM, and I was doing all I could to stay awake, including singing at the top of my lungs and having the AC blow in my face. I had reached the overpass on the 101 freeway entering Phoenix, which meant I only had 20 more minutes to go; but I kept nodding off. Finally, I nodded off for what could of been my last time; considering if I had fallen asleep, I would have flown off the freeway, falling to me and my son's instant deaths.

This is when my angels came to our rescue. I was awakened abruptly by a honking horn, and there was a car full of teenagers smiling and waving at me. I smiled back and then looked away for a second to calm myself. If it hadn't been for the car full of teenagers, I would not have woken up.

Then,I looked right back over, and the car was not there; it was gone. There were no roads for it to turn off onto. The nearest exit was a mile away. It wasn't until then that I started thinking about this. I had just fallen asleep, so I didn't get to the point of swerving. Also, they were to the right of me, and it was night; so it would have been impossible to see that my eyes were closed, or even that my head was hanging downward. I can still picture them smiling and waving at me. They had so much expression. The adrenaline from all that had happened kept me fully awake, and I was able to drive home with no problem.

I thank God and my angels for saving me and my son that day.