Angel Rescue Story

from TCD

April 1986, I was getting ready to get on the bus for school. I went across the street to where my mother had parked her Blazer and had asked her to pick me up from school instead of having to ride the bus. She said, "Okay," and told me to watch both sides of the road before I crossed and that she loved me and would see me after school. I looked to my left and nothing was coming. I looked to my right and I heard a vehicle, but decided I had time to run across the road quickly before it got there. I thought it was at least a quarter mile down the road.

When I started to cross, all I remember was the tree across the street in my neighbor's yard seemed to get narrow like I was seeing it through a tunnel. Then I heard screams and the next thing I remember was I felt like I was floating in mid air. I looked to my left and saw what appeared to be two figures coming from the sky; a man in front with brown hair, flying with wings and a girl with long brown wavy hair, wings and flying behind the man. They said, "It's going to be okay. It's not your time yet. Your parents need you."

I then apparently came to and saw the man that owns the school bus station. It was at that time an EMT was cutting my dress. I told him I was fine and I tried to get up. When I tried to, I couldn't feel my legs and couldn't get up. Then the man told me I was hit by a truck and I told him that he was lying. I laid there crying with my mother by my side. I said, "Mom, they said I would be alright." She asked me who said that, so I replied, "The man and girl in the sky." She said, "Oh honey, just lay there and daddy will be here soon." "Daddy can fix me (my dad had just finished his CPR/First Aid course at work)." I remember my dad going in the ambulance with me and telling me to rest until I got to the hospital. I don't clearly remember the ride there. I remember I sat up in the bed while the doctor was working on my leg (I had a broken right femur - I don't remember if I was put under sedation for the procedure). I also remember sitting up and looking through a glass at my sisters and brother sitting on a bench crying, and the doctor talking to my parents about the accident and what had occurred to me. Then again, I seemed to re-awaken to a hospital room with my leg in a contraption, an oxygen mask on my face, and sticky electrodes on my chest. I went berzerk.

Well some years later when my hearing for the case came up, I was told that I had flown 25 feet in the air - 45 feet from the spot where I was hit to where I ended up. The lady (driver) was pregnant, went into labor and was speeding at 65 miles per hour. They claimed that the only thing that saved my life was the back pack full of toys I had that day for show and tell. I highly disagree. I know that it was the two angels that carried me and told me that it would be alright. I have told many people about this and they call me "crazy," or that I am making it up. I know I must of had an out of body experience to have seen what I did while not having a conscious mind, because my mother said that my sisters and brother were waiting, crying and the doctor did talk to them.  She said, "How could you have known that?" Well, easy...I must of had an out of body experience. I wasn't saved by the backpack; I was saved by the angels. Angels do exist! Even if no one else had seen them and do not believe me, I know what happened the day of my accident.