The Man Who Shot Himself

A real angelic help story submitted by Lestine M.
I was at work.  I worked for the police department for many years.  In fact, I worked at a substation which was located at the mall.
One day, a young man entered the mall substation with a black trash bag full of fresh cut marijuana.  My office area was at the entrance.  I was the first and only person he saw.  
He threw the trash bag at me and proceeded to the back offices.  When I asked him where he was going, he turned around, faced me and pulled out a hand gun from his waist.
At that time, everything went silent except for his words: "O.K. That's IT!"  It seemed like forever before he shot that gun.  He spoke his words, pulled the hand gun out and tried to point it in my direction.  The barrel of the gun went to his own head and boom.  He pulled the trigger of the gun and fired.
I felt the presence of the angel right there in front of me.  It was like a massive heavy feeling.  I couldn't move because the presence of the angel was all over me.  I sat there for a second or two until the heavy feeling left me.  I was then was able to get out of my chair.
After all was said and done, the guy's gun was fully loaded and he was ready for a shootout with police.  I do remember looking into the eyes of the man who had the gun. The look he gave me was nothing I had ever seen before.