Shanksville Angel Story

Angel Sighting at 911 Crash Site Recounted in New Book by Lillie Leonardi

Flight 93 crashed near Shanksville, Pennsylvania in 2001 as part of the September 11th attacks from Islamic terrorists. A former FBI agent who eventually arrived at the horrible scene has come forth with her account of seeing angels while investigating the debris field. For many of us who have questioned, at times, whether or not angels truly watch over us, Lillie Leonardi's account of angels being with both the living and the dead in Shanksville might be comforting.

We might best describe the angel sightings in Shanksville as a sign of hope for those who lost loved ones during the 911 attack. In her book, Shadow of a Badge: A Spiritual Memoir, Lillie tells of seeing angels who were there to chase down and end violence, shutting down further brutality. But Lillie also witnessed angels guiding people away from the crash scene who had died, helping them move forward in their life journey. Those who chose to go with the angels, welcomed their help. Those who wanted to go were not refused; some remained behind. Lillie explains that each soul had its own choice as to whether they moved on (or not). Lillie plainly shares that each of us have free will, and her account confirms this wonderful truth.

When Lillie arrived on the crash scene for the first time, she was taken back by the shocking sight that clearly stunned fellow law enforcement. While struggling to grasp how someone would want to cause suffering in God's name, a small light flickered at the scene in nearby water. The small ember of light slowly grew larger and brighter, and a mist followed. As the bright cloud cleared, a host of angels became visible. Lillie is convinced that what she observed were archangels, applying what she had learned about the angelic from a Catholic upbringing.

That day seemed to spawn some wonderful reflection for the author. Lillie wisely addresses her beliefs, no longer concerned about religious badges. She lets us know that we have a connection that eternally ties each of us to our source and that life is "about loving one another." She also believes that each person is important and has a purpose.

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