Angels & Afterlife Experience

Diana Rivera-Ponce shares her angel experience...
I saw a male angel.  He was very handsome with light brown curly hair, blue eyes and was very tall and slightly muscular. He has his arms crossed in front of him, wearing a white with gold robe. He didn't have angel wings he did however have a white light around him. 
This white light brought forth a feeling of peace and compassion. He was looking at me with a very concern look as a sat there in unbearable pain. I started to pray again thanking God for listening to me and sending his angel to help me.
I opened my eyes and my angel had disappeared.  A few more hours passed and I was not getting  better.  I woke up my husband and I was rushed to the hospital.
After being there for several hours, I was told I needed emergency surgery to remove my appendix. I was told my appendix was now infused with my ovaries and if I didn't get surgery right away I was not going to make it.
I was so scared because this was my first surgery not knowing what to expect. When I was being put to sleep I saw a bright white light and a peaceful voice telling me to go into the light and not to be afraid. I felt myself go and it all happened so fast and before I knew it I was on the other side. I feel an immediate sense of peace and feeling welcomed.
I was now standing in  the most beautiful place I ever been to, a garden filled with numerous flowers and children playing all over.  I saw Jesus get up from the ground, smiling at me as he was playing with children. His smile was very inviting and filled with lots of love. I noticed he was pointing to my right side, so I looked and I saw my most beloved brother standing there smiling at me.

I immediately was so happy to see him again that I ran to him and jumped at him as I hugged him. I hugged him not wanting to let go. My brother had passed away in October 1999 just a few days after my first born daughter was born, his death was very unexpected. He was my only brother and I had wished that I could see him one more time. Here I was finally having the opportunity to see him again. 
He looked his best and was extremely happy.  My brother told me he wanted me to stop crying over him, because he was fine.  He showed me around so I could be assured. 
I don't remember much of what I saw, however I do remember seeing more angels and children. This place was not like anywhere here on earth.  I just don't have the right words to describe it - it was just amazing!  I know I didn't want to leave.  However, I was told it was not my time and that the only reason I had an opportunity to have the experience to see the other side was because I was grieving my brother's death to the point that I was not the same. 
Since this experience, I have not cried over my brother as much as I used to.  I do miss him terribly, but I know he is doing very well, in good hands and accepted with abundant love.   I take this experience with me on a daily basis and  tell others about it. 
I want people to know that there is life after death, definitely a heaven, God and Jesus that look over and love each and every one of us and angels that are real.  We are simply never alone.