Scary Angel Story

Well, I will try to explain this best I can. I have not told a soul about it, but my wife and mother. It happened when I was around fourteen years of age, in Kentucky, around 1990.

It was summer time. Around ten in the evening, I went upstairs to go to bed. The room had two big windows, and a real bright street lamp right outside. So I pulled the vinyl blinds down, and then drew the draw-string to close the cloth curtains. It was so dark, I stubbed my toe getting in bed. I couldn't see my hand in front of my face.

I eventually fell asleep, but have no idea how long it took. I awakened for some reason, and quickly realized the entire room was lit up. I raised my head up, and lo and behold, at the bottom edge of my right side of the bed I saw a person standing there. He was glowing. Yes, glowing a yellowish gold. I have never been religious, so what I saw confuses me to no end.

I wanted to scream, but couldn't; as I was so freaked out. I looked down and saw the person had sandles on. They were glowing so brightly, it was hard to even tell how many toes he had. It was so bright, it almost blurred them together. And the robe was glowing very bright, starting maybe four inches above the ankle.

I was eye-balling him to no end, all the way to his head. I saw a face so bright, I could not tell whether his skin color was white or black. I had no idea what race he was. He had a thing on his head that looked to be a wire, or maybe thorns. Yeah, I know it sounds a little like Jesus, right?

All of the sudden, he reached his right arm up in slow motion, and pointed his index finger at me, and said my name. Then he said, "I am going to get you." The voice echoed in my head like a megaphone does. I thought I was a goner. I said, "Not, today!" and jumped out of bed, waking up my mother and brother, downstairs.

The next morning I told them this exact same story I am telling all of you. They said that I was speaking jibberish that night. I said, "What are ya' talking about?" They said I spoke flat jibberish, sort of mumbling.

So I have no idea if it was an angel, or not; but it scared me to death, because it said, "I am going to get you."

Story by: LostSoulz