Dark Angels Story

by Cherokee

I was only a couple years old, when I first met my friends (angels). I was sound asleep when a strange voice called out my name.

I woke in a heart beat, as by my bed stood a group of black figures; and they began talking to me. I asked who they were, and then they smiled. They said, "We are dark angels."

Well after a long chat, I ran to my parent's room and told my mom the whole story. They were stunned.

Later on, they told me this wasn't my first encounter with the spirit world. A year before my birth (on Friday the 13th), my mom's grandma died. One day my mom heard me talking to "me," so she came to see what was going on. She opened the door and found me with nobody. She thought I had made up an imaginary friend, so she asked me who I was talking to. I replied, "Granny." My mother was shocked, so she told me to describe her. As I began to describe Granny, my mother's heart stopped...she couldn't believe what her ears were hearing.

We can't help but wonder who the "dark angels" were or what they wanted to converse to a little girl about - and why were they "dark"? Were they truly dark in color to the young girl or just speaking to her from the shadows? And, how did she know they were angels; what gave them away? Many questions...