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Angels - Angel Lady Jacky Newcomb
Angels - Jackie Newcomb
Popular Angel Lady's View on Angels
There's a lot to like about Jacky Newcomb, and we love her thoughts
regarding angels and the afterlife.

Jacky Newcomb is known to her fans as “The Angel Lady” and
is a best selling author of books specializing in angels and the
afterlife. Having written 11 books to date, Jacki is considered to
be the UK's leading expert on spontaneous afterlife
communication: when spirits contact the living directly without
use of a psychic-medium, often through dreams.
Jacky is a researcher of angels, making her an expert on people's angel experiences.

“I've recorded thousands and thousands of real life experiences,” Jacky exclaimed recently to
host Howard Hughes of the show
The Unexplained.

The retelling of others' angel encounters is what interests Jacky most, not the history behind
angels. She finds that boring.
Helping Ghosts - Spirits - Talking to Angels “I'm taking the scary, paranormal subject and I'm
making it seem normal and ordinary,”
 “I do believe, absolutely, that we have
beings who guide and guard me (us).”

Jacky Newcomb also notes that people's beliefs
about angels differ.
“What these angels are...
that's, I think, the thing that's up for dispute.”

Types of Angels
The busy angel lady has gathered from the
various stories of angels she's researched that
there are predominantly three angelic types.

The first type of angels that many often refer to are their own family members in spirit, which
is not the traditional take on angels. The second type of angels are ethereal, other-worldly
beings of light that are also with us. The third type of angels are what she calls spirit guides,
humans who have died and now work to help people still in bodies. Jacky believes all three
work together to help people on their journey.

Why Can't We See Angels?
Jacky says that all three types of angels sit mostly outside the light spectrum we can see,
beyond the Infrared and Ultraviolet part of the visible spectrum. She also believes it is the
same way with our hearing. Angelic voices are often at a different frequency than what the
human ear can hear, much like a dog whistle that we cannot perceive.

Angels & Perception
Our abilities to perceive are limited, believes Jacky, yet we base our beliefs upon
perceptions, thinking we see all that exists. The angel lady tells that the way we can know
angels exist are at times of altered states of consciousness. This is how we become aware
of angels and the unseen. When we are ill or tired, for example, Jacky says we slip in and out
of conscious states. This is where we can get a glimpse of angels that are with us. These
experiences are very common, Jacky has found.

Jacky Newcomb believes the spirits of our loved ones are trying even more ways to
communicate with us. By approaching us during the dream-state, it appears we are more
open to communication by these angels. A dream can turn into a visitation, with the lucid
dreamer receiving information from their deceased loved ones.

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