Calling Archangels Story

Calling Archangels for Help With Spirits
by Kathy Owen

This is a testament of what happened in my house that is beyond belief to others but true faith to me. I want to tell you what actually happened in this house, and for me and my husband over the last few days - truly remarkable.

My husband was admitted to the hospital with several medical problems. I thought I was going to lose him this time. He had edema in both legs which caused both his lower legs to swell to the point that the skin actually looked like it was going to burst. Rash-like redness was visible on both the front calves of his legs. He also had septic arthritis in his right elbow that was very painful and hot to the touch. His kidneys weren't working right and infection had taken over his whole body. I thought it was the end for him as he was a very sick man.

I knew something had to be done. Here's a man who never had any medical problems until we took over management of the property and moved into this house. I finally made the decision to take charge of this house while my husband was laid up in the hospital. It was something that needed to be done a long time ago; why I didn't do it in the past, is beyond me. I feel I was selfish in not doing a cleansing for the simple fact of being caught up in my research of the paranormal and knowing this house was haunted by many earthbound spirits, including a shadow ghost. Not thinking of my husband's well being, I found myself compelled to explore more and research these lost souls that lived within my home. How much longer did my husband have if I didn't take charge of this house, leaving these earthbound beings to consume my husband day after day.

After leaving the hospital one night, I went home and walked into my house. Instantly, I felt a sense of being too crowded, as if walking into a room of people. These people couldn't be seen with the naked eye, but I knew they were there. In every sense, I could feel their presence staring at me and wondering why my husband was not home. The time had come to send every single earthbound on to where they needed to be and out of this house.

I pulled out my book, the one with paperwork that I had collected over the years of ghosts, cleansings, and anything else that had to do with the paranormal. I pulled out the "Major Rescue" sheet and began going over it in order to memorize it word for word. Standing in the middle of my living room, I began to recite the words and calling in all the angelic power I could possibly ask to come help. The whole room went from being in darkness to looking as if someone turned on a flood lamp. I knew I had the power of the four strongest archangels surrounding me. I then called on Archangel Raziel, the Avenger of Foul Deeds to assist in case these earthbound spirits resisted. I asked that these angelic beings take every single earthbound out of my home, including the shadow ghost which I felt was consuming my husband ever since we moved here. I even opened the doors wide to the house just in case there was any ghosts outside that needed to go; the door was open to them, too.

I cannot even begin to describe the feeling that came over me, the sense of power; my whole body tingled right down to my fingertips. The warmth that took over my body was the sense of being wrapped divine love and peace, so strong, that I began to cry. It wasn't fear or a sense of having something so powerful in my living room; it was the cry of joy - happiness knowing they were there to help remove all the bad things from my house. I could actually see a bright light before my eyes and souls as they walked into the light; there were many of them. I could even hear their voices telling me goodbye and thanking me for all my help. I also made a small request to the angelic beings to close any portals that were open inside my house.

This whole process took well over 20 minutes. When I closed my eyes and held my hands in the air, I could see nothing but bright light circled around the whole room. Soon, the temperature within the house began to rise, going from around 45 degrees to about 60 degrees or more. It were as if someone turned on the heater and warmed the whole house within seconds. I, then, thanked each of the angelic beings for their help and sat on the floor to let 10 years of pain and suffering unload.

Later that night, I got ready for bed and shut off the lights in the living room. There was absolutely no sense of feeling someone watching me. I felt nothing but peace for the first time after being in this house for so long. I was able to sleep soundly with no waking up during the night from unexplained noises. There were no nightmares or bad dreams, and I could actually sleep without the heater going full blast as the room felt so much warmer. It was the best sleep I had felt in 10 years.

I got up early and felt refreshed. Soon, one of my tenants came knocking at my door. I invited him inside and asked him if he had felt anything strange. The first thing that came out of his mouth was,"It's warmer in here." He had been in my house several times before because he and his wife are taking over the management position at the end of this month. So he knew how this house felt. He believes in ghosts and had been worried about taking over the job and living here. I told him he had nothing to worry about because I had cleansed the entire house. He felt a major difference. There is no more "creepy" feeling when people walk in.

When my husband heard what had happened, he couldn't wait to come home. After his release from the hospital, I allowed him to walk in first to see if he could feel any difference. Immediately, he felt the house being much warmer than before and noticed the feeling of being watched was gone. He also felt different.

We were both sitting out on the patio talking, and he asked me what it was that I did to the house. I showed him the paperwork I used for the major spirit rescue and asked him to read it for himself. I wanted to see if he would see and feel what I had experienced so he knew I wasn't making this up. He sat in his chair and read it out loud, word for word. While he read it, he stopped and looked up at me in shock - the look on his face was priceless as he said to me, "Wow." I asked him to describe what he was feeling. My husband said that he felt a sense of power come over his whole body, and the feeling of a tingling sensation from head to toe. He also stated that the whole room lit up while he was reading. He knew I was serious. I told him to ask the archangels to make sure the house was completely cleansed, and if any other earthbound spirit was present, to take him or her to the light. He did and the house again felt even more warmer than before. Travis had nothing more to say and was amazed about what had just taken place.

I have a changed husband; he has more life in him than ever before - like a 16 year old. He smiles, and there is no negative attitude. It's as if I have a whole new husband. He had lived the life of a hermit, locking himself in the bedroom for hours on end. Most of his time was spent sleeping because he was too sick to do anything else. The only thing I can think is that my husband was picking up every single earthbound in this house. It was like he was feeling what they feel like they were sucking the life right out of him. I really think it is possible that the shadow being was feeding off of his negativity, or maybe making him feel negative. I wonder if this ghost was making him sick and slowly destroying him over time. I have my husband back, now, and everything seems to have returned to normal in our house. Even my cats stay in the house, now, instead of eating and running back outside.

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Kathy Owen is a regular contributor to the Angels & Ghosts website. She has been a paranormal investigator for many years and has been dedicated to communicating with ghosts, earthbound spirits, in order to help them. She is also founder of Lake Isabella Paranormal Society.