Angel Stories: Messenger of Death

This true angel story was sent in to Angels & Ghosts by Jeff. The word "angel" means "messenger." Learn about messengers of death here: Angel of Death.

I would like to tell all of you a story. This is a story that has a lot of love involved and a lot of belief in the paranormal. It may be hard for some to believe, but both my wife and I have lived it and know the truth. Whether you believe or not, that decision is yours.

It all started on a Sunday evening. I was privileged to be involved in a ghost box session with a very dear friend of mine.

He was using his Frank’s box at the time. My wife was with me who is somewhat a skeptic, but she still heard the same things we did; so she knows we were not imagining things. The box session went really well. How well? Well, we believe we communicated with Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla which was amazing. Mr. Tesla did point out to call him Nikolai, which is his birth name. Right there we had our confirmation as to the authenticity of the communication. We also communicated with my grandfather who has been deceased for at least twelve years now. He came through loud and clear right from the start. I know this was him, because I recognized his voice.

This in itself held great meaning to me. You see my grandmother just died two months ago and we were still mourning her. All I wanted to know was if my grandmother was happy. And she is, so we were told. We were told this quite loudly and by all the spirits that were here. The exact words were “SHE IS VERY HAPPY.” This was all I wanted to know at this time. I was already in an emotional state from reaching my grandfather and I let it be after that. There was also one other message for me. It was regarding a “MESSENGER” who was coming to see me.

They seemed quite emphatic about giving me this message. So I decided to pursue the nature of this statement. I was told again that a messenger was coming to see me tonight. So of course I had to ask what the messenger wanted from me. Its not every day that you get a message that a messenger is coming to see you. I was curious, wouldn’t you be? The next statement that was made was very heart wrenching and disturbing. They said, “Your wife knows. Ask her.” At this point I looked to my wife and asked her what the hell they were talking about. Both my friend and I were very curious as to what the meaning was. The look on my wife’s face was in total awe of what just happened.

She started to tell us that she knew what the message meant, but would not elaborate on it. Just that a messenger was coming to see me and when that happens it will all be revealed to me. I have learned not to push things so I just left it at that. Well we were at this for about one hour and decided to call it quits. We thanked the spirits for helping us and made sure that they all went back to where they are suppose to be and that none were left hanging around. After that I hadn’t given another thought about the messenger other than I would see later when the messenger reveals itself. About thirty minutes later my wife and I decide to go to bed. At this time it was approximately 11:30 in the evening.

At approximately 1:37 am Monday morning, I received a phone call. It woke me up from what I thought initially was a sound sleep, but soon would find was not that sound. It was my mother on the phone in a frantic state. She was trying to explain to me that the paramedics had just gotten to her house and why they were there. She had a very hard time saying it, so a police officer got on the phone and informed me what was going on. I was in total shock at that point, but still managed to yell at my wife to get up, get dressed, and that we needed to leave NOW. We managed to get clothed in under two minutes and woke up our son, telling him what was happening. We all jumped into our cars and drove to my parents house in record time. When we arrived, the paramedics were upstairs in my parents' bedroom working on my father. About fifteen minutes later, they wheeled him down on a gurney and were taking him to the hospital. Now I knew something wasn’t right, because the paramedics and the police were blocking the view of my father when they wheeled him out; but I still managed to look. The state I was in I know what I saw, but my brain could not comprehend what was going on.

We got to the hospital and were immediately ushered into the private family waiting room in the emergency room. Within two minutes, a doctor had come out of the emergency room and sat down next to my mother. He had informed us that my father had passed and that there was nothing he could do. He was already deceased before he had gotten to the hospital. Even the paramedics who worked on my father came to see us in the emergency room and told us how sorry they were, and that they did their best to revive my father, but there was nothing they could do. If there was a chance of his heart starting, it would have with all the medication they administered at my parents' house. We all stood there with a dumb look on our faces just looking at our beloved family member laying on a gurney asking him to wake up. We all asked the same question at the same time, "Why?" This went on for about an hour and then reality started to set in; we had to leave and start making burial arrangements. So be it the tale of my father’s death. But this is not the meaning of this story.

It’s a funny thing about dreams. You don’t know if they are real, or just a dream. Well, I can tell you that my dreams are extremely real. I have the ability to do something that is known as “Astral Travel.” And what happens in my dreams are a direct reflection of what is happening somewhere else in someone else’s life, because I am actually there and involved in it. This is how my life took a major turn in a different direction. You see, I was dreaming, or at least thought I was at the time. My dreams get all so confusing at times, but I can always figure them out after I wake up. But this recollection of what happened took a bit longer to sink in, due to the nature of the subject.

You see, I was visited by a messenger that morning. I do not know who or what the messenger was at this time and maybe one day it will become clearer to me, but its not that important right now. But my wife knows, in fact it may have been her. The force is very strong with her. The messenger had a direct purpose for being there and asked me to come with him. Well can you say, "No" to a messenger? I wouldn’t. The next thing I knew, I was at the foot of my parents' bed. I just looked at the messenger with a dumbfounded look and he just smiled back at me. At this point I remember him being a male, but do not know who he is. He calmly said to me, “Go to your father.” I looked back at him with another dumbfounded look. Again he said, “Go to your father.” At that point I was extremely calm and relaxed and I knew what he wanted of me. There was no backing out at this point and there was a mission to be done here.

I walked over to my father and sat on a small corner of the bed and gently touched him to wake him up. When I touched him he made a startling sound (you know the kind you make when someone wakes you up and startles you). Now this is the sound that woke my mother up and got her attention to come over to my father and see if he was okay. But it all seemed like it was in slow motion and I did not even notice her waking up. My father opened his eyes and just looked at me. At which point I looked down at him and said, "C’mon, dad. It's time to go.” He looked me in the eyes and said, “It's time?” and I replied, “Yes.” He gave me a smile and started to move. I gently got up from his side of the bed and took him by the hand and helped him stand up. He saw the other gentleman that was there who had the most soft and gentle smile on his face. We walked over to him and he took my father’s other hand. And at that point it was all over. The next thing I knew was the phone was ringing and it was my mother.

Now how many people do you know that can honestly tell you that they were a MESSENGER OF DEATH for their own father? At first I found this very hard to deal with. But as they days went on, I grew more accustomed to it and was relieved that I was the one who actually went to my father and escorted him upon his last moments of life on this earth. It was a very hard thing to do, but I was given the energy to do this; and the opportunity to do this for my own father. It was so much better than a complete stranger doing this for him. I know he is in a much better place right now and watching over us now as I write this.

This is the end of my tale. I just had to put it down into words so that people know that such things are possible. And that the love we all feel for each other is not just on this plane of existence but is also recognized once you pass over. And that the love I have for my father gave me the ability and strength to make it easier for his transition to death. Whether you choose to believe this story or not, that is your decision. But as for my wife and I we know the truth. We have always believed there are more things to life than this physical plane of existence and now I have had the opportunity to experience it on the grandest scale possible.