Blue Ray Children Angel Story

Angel story about child-like angels by Jennifer...

I am currently 14 years old and I have been told by many psychologists that I am an indigo child. Up until now, I still see angels; but not as frequently as I once did. Some people believe that all children have this ability to see angels, but many kids forget or choose to close that connection. I have been seeing angels, I believe, since I was six. I do not have pictures; all I have are memories and experiences.

I used to see three angels. One of them was a boy with a white glowing robe. He had a green bag tied to his waist, and he carried a sword strapped to his mid-section. He wore a crown with leaves. I believe he is a healer. I also remember seeing a girl with an apple in her hand, who glowed just like her brother. Last but not least, I also saw a baby with light brown curly hair, glowing like the others.

My parents used to tell me that they weren't real -- they were imaginary friends like every other four year old has.

When I turned seven, my parents realized that the time for imaginary friends was long gone. I barely recall what these children used to say to me, or the reason why they were there. I never asked them. All I remember is the oldest boy telling me that they were my guardian angels, they would always be there and would appear in my biggest moment of need.

I know that even though the boy was the oldest, the girl would be running errands for other angels; and I know this might sound stupid, but she would run errands for God, too. They were always there for me. They protected me, and they talked to me.

If I asked questions, they would respond. I remember one night I asked them if my grandma was going to be alright, because she had been with a cold for two weeks; and she wasn't getting better. Then I asked them what heaven was like. They told me my grandma would live many more years, and that they would ask God to take her when it was absolutely necessary. They tried to describe heaven the best way possible. When I told them I still did not understand, they said they could show me; but I declined.

They guided me, and they scolded me when I did something bad; I loved them. One day, they told me I couldn't be with them that much anymore and that they would have to reduce their visits to a minimum. They said that I could not see them that much, maybe twice a year. I cried, alot.

I cried for two whole days straight. At the time, I thought I had done something wrong and that they were being punished because of me. Until most recently, I realized that as angels, they have other duties to perform and other people to take care of.

I not only have a gift of being able to see angels but to be able to see things that will happen. When I was in first grade, I drew a picture of two burning buildings. Three days later, 911 happened. When my grandpa had been diagnosed with cancer, one night I dreamt exactly how he was going to die. The next day, my father told me my grandpa passed away at night. I believe the angels left me this gift, because I was meant to help other people.