Notes From Heaven: Angel Messages

Actual Notes taken from Angel Messages!

The following is a summary of angel messages captured by James Padgett back in 1914 through a technique known as automatic writing (a form of psychic phenomenon).

These notes clear up some touch questions and misperceptions about tough topics, such as heaven, hell, angels and the human condition. It is our feeling that this summation of divine communication - call them "Notes From Heaven" - just might cause the reader to reconsider what they might have been taught about the other side of the grave - the afterlife. This is especially true if one's background is rather religious.

For a deeper study of the angel messages from which the notes were taken, we recommend reading our pages of James Padgett's Angels' Messages.

  • Human spirits may remain earthbound, a lower level, after the body expires.
  • The human soul may progress as it awakens in consciousness - understanding.
  • The state of our condition, the level of our consciousness, determines the plane we find ourselves on after the body expires.
  • There are loving, guiding spirits who are with us to help. We may help others, too, as we progress in our journey to enlightenment - understanding.
  • Spirits who are in a dark condition can still help others who are in a worse position than themselves.
  • What we do on earth does not damn our souls to an eternall hell. Religious beliefs, ceremonies, rites, etc. do not pardon people into attaining entrance into a grand heaven.
  • There are heavens (plural) and hells. These are places of existences relevant to our state of awareness, according to how much we are in harmony with truth - love. Hells and heavens are places and they are conditions.
  • Hell is not a permanent residence of the damned as some religions teach. Souls can progress - grow.
  • Forgiveness, peace and healing can be realized at any time.
  • There is no physical suffering in hell. Spirits do not possess bodies.

  • Most will realize that earthly beliefs were just that: beliefs that were not knowledge of the truth of who we really are - we will need to unlearn some things.
  • Those who teach fire, brimstone, Divine punishment, an angry god, eternal damnation, permanent hell, etc will instantly realize, upon their passing, that they were incorrect. They will suffer great guilt and self-condemnation upon realizing how they have lead others astray.
  • There are no devils, demons or Satan that inhabits a fiery place some would call "Hell."
  • No angel ever fell to earth and become a devil as some religions teach.
  • There are all sorts of spirits; these spirits are human, of different personalities, traits, etc.
  • Spirits can influence those whose bodies have not yet expired.