Angels' Messages

Transcribed Messages From Angels May Reveal Truths
In 1914, a man began having automatic writing conversations with his wife Helen. His name was James Padgett, and he was a lawyer, well known and respected, in Washington, D.C. His startling revelations, angel messages from "the other side," will astound and amaze you. Why? They show another plane of existence that is much more full of love, hope and redemption than what most have learned within Western societies. Some believe these messages reveal much truth - much healing.
During the time these messages were hand-written by James (his hand was moved automatically by the spirit), it was quite common for this type of mediumship to have been occuring. It was the era of the Spiritualist Movement and Transcendentalism. People were awakening to the existence of ghosts, angels, spirits and a world that interacted with them, beyond what their eyes and other sense could detect. James' angel messages are something wonderful that came from to us from that era of spirituality - consciousness.
The idea of messages from angels is not new. People receive messages from angels every day around the world, and some, may not be aware. The word angel means messenger, and we can find many examples of this interaction within biblical accounts - angels that are human in appearance but with higher knowledge. With this idea in mind, the angels' messages below will reveal, perhaps, a great dimension of the workings with what we may call heaven, hell, angels, and more.
Are these angels' messages to be considered "the truth," the final statement about mankind, God, angels, and the afterlife? No. Keep in mind, they contain truths, we feel. It is up to the reader to discern and allow the messages to speak to him or her. Each path is individual, and there is always something that each of us are looking to comprehend. These angelic messages are not the final word on mankind's fate but do contain some fantastic revelations for consideration.