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I sat down with my wife for a psychic reading with an Angel Reader just before midnight August 14, 2004. It was our first time doing something like this, so we were a bit apprehensive. The angel reader was in her thirties with blond hair and a bubbly personality. Could she really foretell our future? If so, I would be impressed because this friendly psychic knew nothing about us. In fact, at times, she seemed to ramble on and be in another world as she gave our reading at a rapid pace, in the tiny, old room.

We learned the angel reader discovered her gift at age three. Living in an environment of yelling parents, she sought a place of peace and solitude. One night, a ball of light slowly appeared in the corner of her bedroom, and she soon became familiar with her own Guardian Angel. Through the years, she fine tuned her psychic abilities to not only see, but hear, the spirit world. Today, she had been brought before us to minister her spiritual gifts of seeing and hearing our angels and spirit guides that surround our lives. Some call this a psychic reading, while she called it an angel reading - probably to make it more acceptable to those who might be afraid of the word, "psychic." My wife and I could identify with that; we once belonged to a religion that claimed psychics, ghosts, etc were "of the devil." This opportunity that we happened upon with the angel reader was a chance for us to step out beyond the walls of our fear.

Spirit Guides or Angels are “beings of light” who help “guide” or steer us down paths in our lives. The word “angel” really means “messenger." These enlightened beings speak to us within, bringing messages of wisdom which lovingly direct us. Our psychic first impressed me when she told us, “These messengers act as almost a go-between, at times, between God and mankind. Yet, God is not far away,” she said. “...for God is within all of us.” I have known this truth in my being, one which is hidden from many; but it was great to hear confirmation from a lady who some would judge because of her abilities. If an angel reader or psychic has a gift, from where did it come from? If you are a believer in God, then the ability had to be created and given to the person by a higher power.

Angel Reading: The Cards
The psychic reading began with a shuffle and the display of “our cards.” These cards showed various things to the Angel Reader regarding our relationship as husband and wife. Also, we were told that we had many around us in the spirit realm. Some are Angels and Guides, but others around us are loved ones. Our psychic quickly perceived my wife’s grandma who had recently passed. She told us that grandma was around both of us; especially at night and holidays. My wife and I knew this, as my wife and children dream of grandma quite a bit, and grandma loved getting the family together at holidays.

What really threw me for a loop however was that the Angel Reader saw a six year old boy attached to me. She said he has been around me for around ten years, ever since he died in a bicycle-car accident. “His spirit is very neat and he enjoys being around you,” she said. I have often thought a little girl was somehow around me, as I had dreamt this years ago. I was mystified as to who this boy could be but looked forward to meeting him in the future.

We were told things about our personal relationship and how we were meant to be together. Also, we learned some things from the angel reading about our children and how to handle a certain “situation.” All in all, it was very intriguing and any skepticism I might have had was completely erased, as this angel reader was very accurate with her information. I recommend taking part in this experience if ever you have the chance, whether it be a psychic reading, angel reading or up to the realm of spirit that all of us exist within and see what happens!

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