Angel Terms

The following are angel terms, traditional teachings and spiritual definitions concerning angels.

Angel: Supernatural beings found in most religions and believed to have abilities to assist and guide people on earth. Angels are considered to be servants of God. Many think angels have different classes and hierarchies which are directly related to their tasks and responsibilities. In the Bible, angels reveal themselves to people, and act as mediums between God and man. The word "angel" is derived from Angelus (Latin); Angelos (Greek) and from Hebrew for “on going” or “one sent” - a divine or human messenger. Angels are messengers from either side of the grave. Anyone can be a "messenger," whether physical or spiritual - maybe even thoughts passed from one person to another may be considered "messengers." Many regard angels to be the same as guardian angels.

Angelos: Greek word which means, “messenger.” Anyone can be a "messenger," whether a person here on earth or a spirit on the other side of the grave. It is the word "angel" was derived from.

Cherubim: “The ones who proclaim defense” (beneath the throne). The word cherub means "to be near," thus it refers to near ones, familiar persons, or even servants. The name has been commonly used to define heavenly spirits, hence it came to also mean "angelic spirit," especially those just under the throne of God. Some believe the throne to be with the mind of man...

Choirs: In angel heirarchy, it is a way to divide different angel classes by assignment and rank.

Daimones: Ancient Greek word for "divine beings" believed to be between God and man, benevolant, ministering spirits, who later were transformed into the modern day "demons" by bible translators.

Devas: Celestial beings, also known as Dharma Alas or Dharma protectors in the Buddhist and Hindu religion. They are spiritual beings by nature that are seen as bodies or emanations of light or energy called “shining ones”. There are three types of Devas that Hinduism recognizes: mortals living on a higher realm than other mortals; enlightened people who have realized God; and Brahman in the form of a personal God.

Djinn: In Arabic lore, djinns are simply "spirits" that can be good or bad, Islam having adopted them into the religion. Other names for djinn are jinn, ginn and genii - where the western word "genie" is derived from.

Dynameis: Greek word for "powers," used to describe the invisible force of gods, stars, elements, spirit beings, etc.

El: Hebrew word which means “of God.” It is the suffix used at the end of most angelic name.

Elementals: Lower order of spirit beings governed by angels, who are believed by some to be the life-force in nature. Most are considered benevolant, while some are able to take on animal shapes.

Elohim: Hebrew word meaning, "gods." Often mis-translated in the bible as God.

Gehenna: Word mis-translated as "hell" in the bible, thought it appears to be a trash dump outside of Jerusalem used for illustration purposes by Jesus. Some believe it to be a place purgatory, where subtle fires can burn off the bad deeds of the sinner, before they are able to move on.

Hades: Place of the dead, not a place of punishment (see Sheol).

Intelligences: Type of astral power or intercessor, such as an angel.

Guardian Angel: Many believe guardian angels to be attached to a person from birth until death. The belief in guardian spirits is ancient and universal, though guardian angels are prominant in christianity and catholicism especially.

Malaika: The Islamic term for angel; responsible for carrying messages to Allah (God).

Sedim: Guardian spirits found within Assyrian lore.

Seraphim: “Ones that burn” (above the throne). Angels believed to be closest to God in rank.

Shekinah: Hebrew term for the divine presence of God on earth.

Sheol: Hebrew word for a place after death. It is the equivalent to the Greek word "hades," neither of which mean a place of punishment. Both words were mis-translated into hell in christian theology.

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