Angel Awakening

Can We Awaken to Angels In Our Midst?
Have you had an angel awakening? Perhaps, you have and want to learn more...

Psychic-medium, Laura Lyn, is working hard to help others awaken to the presence of spirit, or energy, residing within them. She has found these rays of energy to be healing. Her interpretation of angels is just as fascinating. Lyn sees them as being different levels of enlightened consciousness, something which can open a person up to hearing higher messages from the heavens that are freeing.

These heavenly realms are not something outside of us but found within each person. Heaven is a metaphor used in traditional writings to describe something elevated above and beyond our base, earthly thinking. The ancients knew that these heavens were a place of mystery and inspiration, a true higher place inside every soul. If we are able quiet our mind enough to listen, true healing from our emotional baggage emanates from the core of our being. It is sight for blind eyes and a fresh perspective on life. But, how do we get there? How do we learn to listen to this elevated voice of reason?

Laura Lyn has developed meditations to help people transcend the earthly realm and tune-in to this higher energy within the person. In fact, she is currently offering a free download of what she calls an “angel attunement.” Meditation is how we mentally disconnect from the physical world and enter into the higher realms of spirit. Mystics have known this for thousands of years. Sometimes, people find it difficult to open themselves up from their old ways in order to become freed from their fears. Laura Lyn is working to provide products to help people reconnect with themselves.

“Healing with the Angel Rays is a wonderful way to feel, hear and to be immersed in the healing effects of angelic, powerful essences,” Lyn says.

This awakening can also be accessed through use of oracle cards her website says. Lyn is offering her own deck of cards, which is beautifully decorated with Rassouli angel artwork, and available on-line. In fact, she also offers a free on-line reading using the cards. It's actually quite fun!

“This (oracle deck) will help you awaken to higher angel realms so you can become better attuned to life. You will become more in tune with your own psychic abilities. This set is designed to help you unlock your inner mystic, tapping into this, you become one with nature, beauty and unconditional love,” says Laura Lyn.

We visited Laura Lyn's Finding Your Inner Mystic website and found it to be quite fun. Laura has enabled visitors to shuffle the oracle cards and then read the results. The idea is to help guide people down a path of self discovery, eventually awakening to angel presences that are with them already.

Laura Lyn feels drawn to teach others about angels and how they influence our daily lives, but there first needs to be an awakening to this idea. Lyn's book “Healing With The Angel Rays” seeks to explain this mystical understanding in layman's terms. Currently, Laura Lyn is lecturing and teaching to people in person and through media available on-line.

About Laura Lyn

Laura Lyn is a gifted psychic-medium, author and angel reader from the Akron, Ohio area.

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