Angels of the Months

In Jewish Kabbalistic lore, angels are assigned to each month. The following are the traditional angels of the months:

January: Gabriel, Cambiel
February: Barakiel
March: Malchidiel
April: Asmodel
May: Amriel
June: Muriel
July: Verchiel
August: Hamaliel
September: Uriel, Zuriel
October: Barbiel
November: Adnachiel
December: Hanael, Anael

Persian angel lore assigns angels of the months, as well. Below is the listing of those angelic beings.

January: Bahman
February: Isfandermend
March: Farvardin
April: Ardibehist
May: Khurdad
June: Tir
July: Murdad
August: Shahrivar
September: Mhr
October: Aban
November: Azar
December: Dai

Source: The Encyclopedia of Angels by Rosemary Ellen Guiley

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