Angel Types: Types of Angels

The following is a list of different types of angels, higher spirits, including orders and various names of groupings or heirarchies.

Types of angels are somewhat confusing, as there are so many different orders for what may be similar angelic beings. Be sure and read Angel Hierarchy for more details. The following list of angel types primarily come from traditional Christian and Hebrew religion and lore:

Acclamations - one of three hierarchies of angels according to Robert Flood.

Aeons - angels similar to seraphim in gnosticism, with each Aeon being in charge of a heavenly realm made up of concentric circles.

Angels - type of angel closest to mankind who act as messengers; believed to be the same as guardian angels.

Apparitions - one of three hierarchies of angels according to Robert Flood.

Archai - equated with Authorities, Exousiai, Powers, Potenatates, Principalities; same as Archons.

Archangels - "chief messengers" who are the primary messengers between God and mankind.

Archons - equated with Aeons, Archangels and Princes.

Authorities - angels who bear authority and equated with Dominions, Powers and Virtues. Same as the Greek word exousiai.

Bene-Elohim - "sons of God" equated to Thrones, Issim and sometimes Archangels.

Cherubim - second highest angels to God; equated to Hayyoth of Hebrew lore and Kerubim of Islam teachings.

Dominations - also called Dominions and Lords; the fourth highest order of angels.

Elim - proper name for angel.

Elohim - equated with Principalities and usually mis-translated as "God" in the Christian Old Testament. Elohim is also plural, and it is written that Jesus quoted Psalms 82:6, " (mankind) are Elohim..." Interesting, huh?

Erelim - equated with Bene-Elohim, Issim and Thrones.

Excellencies - equated with Virtues.

Exousiai - Greek word for Authorities.

Hasmalim - high ranking order of angels along with seraphim and cherubim; equated with Dominions sometimes.

Hayyoth - high ranking merkabah (throne chariot) angels equated with Hasmalim, Seraphim and Cherubim.

Intelligences - astral power equated to Archons and Seals.

Issim - angels equated with Bene-Elohim, Thrones and Erelim.

Malachin - order of angels from Hebrew lore.

Ophanim - high ranking angels equated with Thrones, Cherubim and Wheels.

Origins - type of angel mentioned in 2 Enoch.

Palatinates - angels equated with the Powers.

Potentates - same as Powers.

Powers - sixth highest order of angels believed to be protectors of divine plans initiated by Dominations and carried out by Virtues.

Princes - high ranking angels equated with Archons and Principalities.

Principalities - seventh highest order of angels who watch over the nations of the earth.

Rulers - angels equated with Dominions and Principalities.

Scribes - angels who record all the deeds of mankind.

Seals - equated with the Intelligences.

Seats - angels equated with Thrones.

Sebalim - song-uttering order of angels.

Seraphim - angels highest and closest to God.

Tapsarim - high order of angels equated with Scribes.

Tarshisim - "brilliant ones" equated with Virtues.

Thrones - third highest order of angels also called Seats.

Virtues - fifth highest order of angels, who carry out the plans set forth by the Dominions; their name means "powers."

Voices - one of three heirarchies of angels according to Robert Flood.

Wheels - many-eyed angels equated with Ophanim, Thrones and Cherubim.