Angels of the Hours

Various legends suggest that there are angels assigned to each hour of the day and night. Some believe that angels of the hours can be called upon for assistance during their respective times of serving. Below is a listing of the angels traditionally ascribed to the hours of one day:

Day Hours...

One: Samuel
Two: Anael
Three: Vequaniel
Four: Vahrmiel
Five: Sasquiel
Six: Saniel
Seven: Barquiel
Eight: Osmadiel
Nine: Quabriel
Ten: Oriel
Eleven: Bariel
Twelve: Beratiel

Night Hours...

One: Sabrathan
Two: Tartys
Three: Serguanich
Four: Jesfischa
Five: Abasdarhon
Six: Zaazenach
Seven: Mendrion
Eight: Narcoriel
Nine: Pamyel
Ten: Lssuarim
Eleven: Dardariel
Twelve: Sarandiel

Source: The Encyclopedia of Angels by Rosemary Ellen Guiley