Resurrection Angels

Resurrection Angels by Donald PassAngels and the resurrection of mankind? One man might have seen both...

Successful artist, Donald Pass of England, began seeing angels in 1969. It was something that would forever change how he views the world. The visions were not a gift he had asked for, but they came upon him suddenly after a mysterious man foretold of his future while in a railway station.

The visions began with Donald first seeing an angelic, golden face while in his home. This would precede a major vision of angels that were to come. Months later, he had an astounding spiritual experience that lasted several hours. Donald describes what he saw as “The Resurrection.” This vision would eventually inspire him to create new and wonderful art based upon the angels he witnessed all around him.

What did Donald see that sparked such a dramatic change in his life? While looking at a soldier's grave from a churchyard in Cuckfield, Sussex, he noticed the sunlit morning suddenly become dark around him. The sky was black. He noticed lights moving within it, however, and a rushing wind with strange light. Donald Pass then became aware that he was not alone. He was now surrounded by many others, including angels. The lights were the angels, coming and going in all directions.

Donald also saw other sights of angels that were striking to him. In the center of the vision, he witnessed a very large angel descend upon the scene with wide-open arms. His appearance brought the sound of a chorus as an entrance. Donald is unable to adequately describe the face of this angel to this day. He also observed another face, with long flowing hair, higher in the sky. It was neither feminine or masculine. Light flowed from this face, as well as from all the angels he witnessed during the resurrection scene.

A woman, who saw Donald during the experience, described him as having been surrounded by light that morning while everything else had become dark. This confirmed his vision. What happened that day to him and why? These questions must still rise within the mind of the artist. He describes the experience by saying,

“Vision is not the right really was like a veil had been lifted. I was so aware of it going on; and yet, it was as if I wasn't there, as if I was watching a film.”

Did Donald Pass step into another dimension? Did the veil that obscures the spirit realm lift for a brief moment in time, allowing the artists to witness the amazing scene? Did Donald Pass see a resurrection that is taking place currently and consistently? Words cannot express the sights of life, death, and spiritual powers that the artist described. His artwork best communicates the images of resurrection, angels and spirits most brilliantly.


Donald Pass: Angel ArtistDonald Pass is a gifted artist whose work can be found in museums, exhibits, and various collections around the world.

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